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Major Rig Components (Description)

MAST: Pyramid vertically self-erecting Mast.142ft. high x 24 ft. x 17.5 ft. base. Static hook load capacity with 12 lines 771k-lbs and 10 lines, 750k-lbs. Design as per API RP 4F, Rated to 105 MPH with full set back


DRAWWORKS : Trailer mounted Ingersoll-Rand Model 2550 Drawworks, rated at 1,500 HP drilling to 15,000 ft. with 5” Drill Pipe, driven by two (2) GE752 Series wound DC traction motors.  Lebus grooved main drum for 1¼” drill line, complete with an NOV-Baylor Model 6032 dynamic eddy-current braking system and independent brake water cooling system


STRUCTURE: Ingersoll-Rand 22ft. high Cross Type Substructure, hydraulically raised and lowered, 17’ 8” clear height below the bottom of the rotary beams.  750,000 lbs. rotary capacity, 400,000 lbs. setback capacity and 1,135,000 lbs. maximum simultaneous load.


DEADLINE ANCHORt: National Type “E” deadline anchor with Martin Decker Totco Type E-80 load sensator.

ROTARY TABLE: Independent rotary drive system, complete with one (1) Ideco Model LR-275-K, 27½” rotary table with API master bushings and split insert bowel.  One (1) Varco 27” “MSPC” pin drive split master bushing, one Ideco two speed transmission and driven by a GE752 Series wound DC traction motor.  
HOOK-BLOCK: Continental-Emsco RA-44 with Web-Wilson hydra-hook, 350-ton rated capacity block-hook combination, with five (5) 44” sheaves grooved for 1¼” wireline.  
SWIVEL: Oilwell Model PC-300.  300-ton rated capacity.  
KELLY: 5¼” x 40 ft.  working length hexagonal  
KELLY DRIVE BUSHING: Varco 27-HDP, pin drive roller Kelly bushing.
ELEVATOR LINKS: 3½”  x  132”  350-ton weldless elevator links.  
B.O.P. CONTROL UNIT: Koomey Type 80 7-station closing unit, with twenty-eight (28) eleven (11) Ga. cylinder; indrical accumulators, one (1) 30 HP triplex pump, three (3) air pumps, four (4) sets 1” heat shielded B.O.P. control hoses.  

B.O.P's: One (1)  13-5/8” x 5,000 psi with 10k bottom flange Shaffer Annular Preventer.
               Two (2)  13-5/8” x 10k Cameron Type ‘U’  Ram Preventers. (one double and one single )

One (1) 13-5/8” 10,000 Drilling Spool with 4-1/16” 10,000 outlets.



15,000 ft.  5”  S-135  NC50 Drill Pipe
25 joints  5”  Hevi-wate Drill Pipe
10 joints  6½”  Spiral Drill Collars
10 joints  8”  Spiral Drill Collars

MUD PUMPS: Two (2) Gardner-Denver Model PZK (PZ-10) Triplex Mud Pumps, 1350 HP driven by one (1) GE752 Type Series wound DC traction motors, suctions charged by 6” x 5”, Series 250 centrifugal pumps, driven by a 40 HP AC electric motor.  5,000 psi discharge pulsation dampeners, unitized on a welded steel oilfield skid.  

240 bbl. three (3) compartments, complete with two (2) 6” x 5” Series 250 centrifugal  pumps, powered by 50 HP AC electric motors.  Swaco desilter with sixteen (16) 4” cones, one (1) NOV-BRANDT MA-10, 10 HP mud agitator, three (3) derrick, 3-panel, linear motion shale shakers, one (1) Swaco M.I. 1,000 gallon vacuum degasser.

Storage/Active with one (1) 155 bbl. and one (1) 300 bbl. compartment, complete with three (3) NOV-BRANDT MA-15, 15 HP agitators, bottom guns, internal piping, top mounted walkways and safety railing.

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Rig-990060 Ingersoll-Rand 1500E Land Drilling RIG